Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Building a mini-quad

Sometimes a full size quad can just be too big to fly. Crashing them usually means breaking something so you tend to want to fly them in large areas and very conservatively. For experimentation purposes (and frankly just for fun) a micro quad can be cheaper to build, require less space to fly and generally survive crashes better (as they are generally much lighter). I've been looking to build a 'serious' micro quad for a while. By serious, I mean with a real flight controller and enough power for acrobatic flight.

 My shopping list looks like this:

I went with a carbon fibre frame for crash resistance! for $32.79 you can get a full sized DJI 450 Flame Wheel frame, so for a mini-quad, this is a rather expensive frame, but one I'm hoping will last me learning how to perform flips with a quad!

The pre-drilled holes on the board didn't match my engine mount holes, so I had to drill new ones to mount the engines.

Here is the finished frame! With everything installed ready for flight (including the battery) it comes in at about 250g.

I'm only in the early stages of tethered turning of the CC3D KK 2 board PIDs. Once I'm happy with that I'll attempt the maiden flight, so stay tuned!

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