Saturday, 13 August 2011

Assignment 2 - Still life

Assignment 2 was still life. We could either set something up to shoot such as a bowl of fruit or find some natural composition that did not need arranging.

I'd been meaning to try and do some smoke shots for a while, so after a quick google on how to shoot smoke trails, it was off to the craft shop to get some black cardboard as the background.

I was using burnt matches as the source of the smoke, which isn't ideal as they don't give much smoke.  Apparently unscented incense sticks are great if you want to shoot a lot of smoke.

I had an off camera flash firing across the scene to light the smoke. The room lighting was dim enough that the background came out a pure black. The camera was mounted on a tripod and I was using an ISO of 200 and about 1/200th of a second exposure.

Here are some of the results!

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