Monday, 1 August 2011

Assignment 1: Colour Composition

Assignment 1 was on colour composition. There was a choice of techniques and you needed to select one colour which was required to fill more than 50% of the scene in each shot.

Some example techniques were colour harmony, colour contrast, low and high key colour, saturated and desaturated colours. I chose to go with a blue colour and the low key technique.

It was a busy week work wise, so the creative side of the assignment suffered somewhat. The scene consisted of a blue curtain used as my back drop and a few items sitting around the room. The setup had the camera using manual settings placed on a tripod with a 3 sec exposure in a dark room. I then manually fired the hand held flash or a torch from different angles around the scene to create different shades of blue with the various lighting angles. Some of the shots had a single flash and others had multiple flashes. The light was also aimed both directly at the scene and bounced off white and blue walls.

Multiple bounced flashes
Torch lit
Torch lit

Single Flash (side)
Single Flash (direct)

Single flash (direct)
Room light (auto exposure)
Single flash (side)
Room light (auto exposure)

White balance was set on auto and everything was shot in RAW and has not been corrected in post processing. The strangest colour variation was the one below that seemed to take a brown kind of hue.

Room light (auto exposure)

So what did I learn from the assignment? That the way light falls onto a subject is very important for low key photography. My best results contained a lot of black and high contrasts. The assignment also pointed out how varied light can make the same object appear even under controlled circumstances.

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